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Protect your truck's custom wheels with fender flares

There are different kinds of pickup trucks out there, and most of them can be modified to suit your style. When you decide to install bigger wheels, your fenders can sometimes become obsolete. Your vehicle's fenders surround the wheel well to stop mud and debris from damaging your tires and rims. However, a larger wheel won't get covered. Fortunately, fender flares act as an extension that gives additional support. Since some states have stricter laws when it comes to aftermarket equipment, flares can also help you avoid a potential ticket. By extending the wheel wells, you'll be giving your tires extra protection and staying compliant.

Fender flares can be as part of an extensive body kit along with other exterior body styling. For instance, a kit might include flares and rocker panels to protect your car doors. However, they are also sold separately if you don't plan on making other major changes to your vehicle. Sears carries Lund rivet and sports style flares, so you can give your truck or SUV the stylish appearance you want. These top of the line, custom designed ones are UV protected and built with corrosion resistant material so it can last longer and handle your everyday commute.

While their main purpose is to protect your wheels, flares can also give your pickup a unique look. Some come unpainted, so you can paint them to match your exterior. Sears also sells flares that can complement any black body molding and trim on your truck. You can even add special chrome edging along the top of the flares to fit any chrome trim that is on your vehicle.

Once you find the right kind of fender flares, consider some additional ways to protect larger wheels from picking up debris. If you need more reinforcement, installing custom mud flaps can help keep dirt from getting on your tires from the rear. Roll pans are also a great way to protect the wheels and give your truck's bumper a clean look.

When you decide to upgrade your wheels, flares will give your tires and rims the protection they need to last longer while maintaining a unique appearance. Sears has a variety of high-quality flares available to install on any pickup truck or SUV.


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