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      The front grille is one of the sharpest components on the exterior of your car. Whether it's the original one from the factory or an aftermarket model, bugs and dirt can spoil the look of any grille. Keep front of your vehicle so keep it clean with car and truck grille covers from Sears. You'll find everything from specialized inserts to screens that are both stylish and an easy to install. Choose between all sorts of grille covers and screens that help protect the front of most sedans, trucks and SUVs.

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      Keep your grille protected with grille covers from Sears

      Whether it's debris or bugs, the front of your car can take a pounding whenever you're on the road. The front grille is one of the most vital pieces of your vehicle so keep it safe at all times should be a priority. Sears has a large selection of grille covers and screens to shield your front grille from dirt, rocks and any other fragments during your trip. We carry top brands like Fia and Lund that make durable grille inserts for almost any type of vehicle.

      If you drive frequently on rural highways or in wooded areas, you know insects can always leave an unwanted mess on your exterior. Cleaning them off your

      headlights and bumper can be a hassle, but it's an even bigger pain when getting them off your front grille or radiator. Sears has all kinds of grille covers and screens specially built to keep bugs and other debris off the radiator. You'll find bug screens custom made to fit around most vehicle makes and models.

      If you're looking for something a bit more durable to protect the front radiator, consider grille inserts. These are made of tough grade materials like billet aluminum and stainless steel so they can handle any dirt or bugs that hit the front of your vehicle. Sears carries grille inserts in various designs to fit all types of cars and trucks. Our truck inserts blend in nicely with push bars and other accessories to give the front of your pickup a mean look.

      While a grille cover or screen might seem like it's taking away from the front of your car, most models are made with stylish designs and colors. You'll find grille screens to blend nicely with any bumpers or aftermarket components. For instance, most bug screens are made of a polished or black mesh screen that can enhance the look of anything from an exotic sports car to a heavy duty pickup truck.

      Don't let bugs and other particles ruin your front vehicle's grille or radiator. Whether it's a small sedan or large SUV, Sears has grille covers for almost any vehicle make and model. You'll find covers and stylish inserts to help get the job done.


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