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      Be ready for any job with a ladder rack on your vehicle

      There are times when the flatbed on your pickup truck can't fit a taller ladder. Instead of trying to hold it down on the roof with ordinary straps, think about installing a ladder rack on the roof top. These racks are made to be durable so they can withstand the tight turns and abrupt stops on the road. Don't risk you and other driver's safety. Get a ladder rack for your pickup, SUV or cargo van from Sears.

      Much like roof top bike and ski racks, most ladder racks can be easily mounted to the top of your car. Roof racks not only open up space inside your vehicle or on your flatbed, but they also keep large ladders from impairing your vision when you drive. You'll find a large selection of carriers that are sure to make lugging a giant ladder a breeze. For instance, Sears carries Dee Zee's line of half and full racks that can handle almost any road or weather conditions.

      There are also specific truck ladder racks you can use if you drive a heavy duty pickup. However, not all ladder carriers are roof racks. You can actually find models that attach within the flatbed of your pickup truck, which makes installation easy and provides you space for all the other equipment you haul. Typically, these kinds of racks also give you plenty of clearance above the rearview window so you can safely check the road behind you.

      Most ladders are made of steel, aluminum and other kinds of metals. If you constantly carry your ladder around for different jobs, make sure to get a tarp or cover to keep water, road salt or other debris from coming in contact with it. The proper cover can reduce the likelihood of rust or wear from ruining one of your most trusted accessories. If you still have an old-fashioned wooden ladder, a tarp made from reinforced materials can prevent these elements from warping it.

      Whether you're hauling ladders around constantly work or occasionally for special projects, ladder racks will keep them secure during your commute. Sears has an impressive lineup of racks from top-of-the-line brands you know and trust. Don't waste time trying to maneuver that bulky ladder into your trailer or flatbed with all that other cargo. Create more space for other important gear with a ladder rack.


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