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      You might routinely use your car to haul lots of cargo on a daily basis. It's important that you have the right kind of carriers and roof racks to carry all those items. While most racks give them the proper security during the ride, your equipment can get dinged from debris or wet from moisture. Prevent any potential damage to your cargo with tarps and covers from Sears. You'll find a large selection of covers made out of durable materials to handle anything from the road, including water, dirt and even road salt.

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      Protect your precious cargo with tarps and covers

      Whenever you carry a large amount of cargo, carriers and racks help create space inside your car. However, that leaves all your precious items exposed to potential harm. Before you securely fasten everything down, make sure to shield them with tarps and covers. Sears has tarps in different sizes to wrap tightly around your equipment so you don't have to worry about any of it getting damaged from debris or hail during a thunderstorm.

      Some of the equipment you put on your racks or cargo carriers are a bit more valuable than others. For instance, you might like to drive out to a beautiful bike trail and take a scenic ride. However, if you transport your bicycle on a carrier, it can be exposed to different kinds of damage. A cover can keep bicycles in pristine condition and reduce any possible damage. It can also protect any expensive ladder you have tied to your ladder rack or cargo carriers attached to your roof top.

      If you drive a pickup truck, you might carry some loose cargo around in the flatbed. Using a durable tarp is the perfect way to cover these items from rain or other elements. You'll find a large selection of tarps and windshield covers to protect any portion of your vehicle from any kind of weather or other elements you encounter on the road. Tarps and covers come in different sizes to accommodate all flatbeds or items, including ATVs, boats and motorcycles.

      Tarps and covers also come in handy for covering all your equipment at home. Sometimes your garage gets flooded with all kinds of tools and accessories. Instead of constructing a large outdoor port to house your extra items, tarps are an easier and more affordable solution. Covers can protect any large machinery, like snowplows, lawn mowers and tractors. Have extra firewood bundled up along the house? Reduce its chances of warping with a large enough tarp.

      Whether you use them to cover over cargo or your entire flatbed, tarps are always a useful accessory. Sears has a wide variety of tarps and covers to protect all your goods from getting damaged. Although some covers might be bulkier, they are still very easy to fold and won't take up too much space when not being used. No matter what you use them for, tarps always come in handy for any kind of project.


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