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      Secure your equipment with cargo carriers and racks

      Whether you're heading out on a camping trip or transporting your gear around town, it's important to keep everything organized properly. Adding different kinds of racks and carriers to your car, truck or SUV helps keep your cabin space clear and safely handles all your equipment. Sears has carriers and racks that can be installed anywhere on your vehicle, including on the roof, trunk or pickup flatbed. Most are constructed from durable materials like steel and aluminum, so they can handle any trip you encounter.

      Car top carriers are a great solution for keeping all your excess equipment. Roof top models typically come in either boxes or heavy duty bags. Sears carries the Thule line of roof bag cargo carrier bags, which can be strapped down to your roof rack or side rails. Roof racks are strong enough to hold any luggage, and it's easy to install and uninstall. You'll find all kinds of car top racks, including crossbar systems and cargo baskets to fit on any vehicle.

      Carriers don't just have to be used for road trips. You can use them to transport items from the store or your bike to that trail a few miles away. Most cars can easily fit a bike rack and carrier on the trunk or rear hitch. The Dee Zee bike rack adapter is easy to install on the rear of your car and adjustable to fit another bicycle, so you can bring a companion with you on your ride.

      Whenever you decide to haul cargo on your racks and carriers, make sure it is properly covered in rain or snowy weather. Always have a reliable tarp or cover on hand to keep your equipment from getting wet. Most covers are made of special materials to endure moisture and flying debris, so you can prevent your gear from getting dinged up. Different tarps are available in various sizes to fit perfectly around any load you put on a rack or carrier.

      Don't have your vehicle's cabin fill up past it's capacity. From car top carriers to bike racks, Sears has the racks and carriers to give you the interior space you need. Different carriers and racks are able to haul almost all your equipment during any long trip or short ride around town.


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