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      Tubular Side Steps - Custom Fit

      Some pickup trucks and SUVs don't come from the factory with the necessary support you need to get in and out of your car. If you're looking for a safe yet stylish to give you a boost, install tubular side bars on your vehicle. Custom nerf bars are constructed to fit your pickup's manufacturer specifications while giving you proper support. Sears has a large selection of tubular side steps from top brands you know and trust. You'll find plenty of high-quality custom and universal tubular side steps that are easy to install on your vehicle.

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      Get an extra boost with custom tubular side steps

      Most aftermarket additions are either aesthetic or performance based. However, if you need to add on something to help you get into a taller vehicle, tubular side steps are a great compromise. They give you a solid surface to step in and out of your car as well as a stylish appearance. Sears carries a wide variety of custom-fitting tubular side steps that are able to fit smoothly with the manufacturer's design of your vehicle.

      Many pickup truck and SUVs are equipped with either molded or tubular side steps, and both have key differences. Tubular steps use round tubing instead of a flat surface, which used on molded ones. This design doesn't sacrifice stability, and a lot of them are wide enough to support your climb into the front or back seat. Also, unlike most custom molded side steps, custom-fitted tubular models are usually larger and cover most of the space below the doors.

      Many custom-fitted tubular side steps are ideal if you want to add a contemporary appearance to your vehicle. While custom or universal running boards seem more practical, these kinds of side steps use lightweight materials that make them durable and stylish. For instance, Sears carries the Westin platinum line of tubular side steps, which are made of durable materials and have a very sleek look. No matter which kind you choose, there are nerf bars that come in different designs and finishes to suit your taste.

      One of the biggest benefits tubular side steps offer is that they prevent damage to the lower body of your car. Nerf bars typically protrude out far enough, allowing them to take any impact from flying debris. This helps reduce dings from running the frame or any aftermarket accessories, including side scoops or rocker panels. Tubular side steps can also keep your interior clean by picking up any excess mud or snow from your shoes.

      Whether it's a large pickup truck for your everyday commute or small Jeep for off-roading, tubular side steps are always a welcome addition. Find nerf bars that are sturdy to step on and give your vehicle a catchy appearance. Sears has top-of-the-line models that can be custom tailored to fit on your ride.


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