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      Keep your pickup clean with truck bed accessories

      Pickup trucks have multiple uses. Not only can they be used as a mode of transportation, but their beds can also be used to carry different types of equipment. The only downside is that items can slide around loosely, causing significant scuffing on the flatbed . Fortunately, Sears has a large selection the truck bed accessories available to keep everything in order. Choose pickup bed accessories to secure your equipment or protect your flatbed from scratches and dents. We carry top brands like Dee Zee, Husky Liners and Extreme Max to help organize all your gear.

      Most pickup trucks have beds with ample space to transport anything from furniture to tools. Truck bed accessories can help you keep those items from moving around or falling off the flatbed. If you frequently haul large loads, consider installing truck bed rails on your truck to tie down any bulky equipment. No matter what size cargo, Sears also has a wide variety of pickup truck bed accessories to protect your gear and pickup bed from damage.

      Getting cargo onto a pickup bed can be tricky, especially heavy objects. Instead of straining your muscles or using a board as a makeshift incline, find a heavy-duty truck ramp to get any items on or off your truck. Various bi-fold or tri-fold ramps can help you load anything from motorcycles or heavy washing machines onto a flatbed. If you don't want your truck bed getting scratched from this type of equipment, make sure to protect it with specialized mats, caps or liners.

      Truck bed accessories not only can help keep your gear in order, but they also can come in handy for camping. Enjoy a night in the great outdoors with a truck tent from Sears. You'll find water-resistant tents built with special sky-view vents so you can sleep peacefully under the stars. We also carry specialized models for SUVs, which give you more space for eating, reading or other leisurely activities.

      Whether it's moving equipment or getting from point A to point B, your pickup truck can be a very versatile vehicle. Sears has all sorts of truck bed accessories to protect your flatbed and help you carry any type of cargo. From tailgate nets to replacement tailgates, we have accessories for your pickup's bed.


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