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      Protect your pickup's tailgate with tailgate caps from Sears

      Whether you're carrying bundles of lumber or bringing a new a dryer home, a pickup truck can always come in handy. Unfortunately, hauling items in your flatbed can increase the chances of dings and scratches on your tailgate's paint, especially if you do it consistently. Sears has a large selection tailgate caps to help shield your pickup's tailgate from excessive scrapes and dents. We carry top brands like Lund, Dee Zee and Wade that make tailgate protectors from durable materials able to withstand any force or weather conditions.

      A small scratch on your tailgate might seem harmless at first, but it can eventually lead to rust and wear if not taken care of immediately. Tailgate caps can help reduce damage by covering the top of the gate where it's most susceptible to damage. Sears has protectors able to fit on either small pickups or heavy duty trucks. Some types are designed to cover both the top and edge of the tailgate so you have optimal protection from moisture or dirt.

      While protection is important, you want your truck's custom bed accessories to match appropriately. Sears carries tailgate caps in a wide variety of styles and designs to fit with the rest of your pickup. For instance, if your side rails are outfitted with black caps, choose tailgate protectors with a sleek black finish. Do you have lots of chrome trim on your truck? We have plenty of chrome and stainless steel caps to stay in-tune with your pickup's elegant appearance.

      Vehicle parts can be difficult to install, tailgate caps are simple to mount on a pickup truck. While some body shops can do the job for you, installing caps on your own is normally easy and will save you high costs from a mechanic. Most tailgate mats and protectors don't require drills or major tools. Some models are equipped with special adhesive so you can connect them to your truck in no time.

      Even though trucks face plenty of wear and tear over time, there are always preventative measures to reduce dings and scratches on your rear gate. Tailgate caps provide your back gate extra protection and give it a factory-finished appearance. Sears has all kinds of protectors and pickup truck accessories to keep your truck in pristine condition.


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