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      Help eliminate drag with a tailgate net from Sears

      When you hear about high-performance automobiles, the term typically applies to exotic vehicles or sports cars. Why not try to maximize your pickup truck's performance too? Many enthusiasts use various techniques to get the best performance from their trucks. There are many aftermarket parts that can eliminate wind resistance, increase gas mileage and help other factors to improve how your pickup drives. One truck bed accessory that can come in handy is a tailgate net. Sears sells a wide variety of high-quality tailgate nets like the Pro Net series from Covercraft, which is sturdy and very easy to install on your flatbed.

      While a pickup truck tends to be equipped with hitches and towing parts to haul large appliances, it should also be outfitted with components to increase performance when you're simply riding around town. Unlike other general pickup accessories, tailgate nets can create a smooth ride. Using a tailgate nets in lieu of a standard truck gate allows air to flow through the flatbed, which can help decrease drag and help make your truck more aerodynamic. In some cases, an aerodynamic truck can potentially play a small yet significant role to improve fuel economy.

      Tailgate nets are made of durable fabrics like polyester and vinyl so they can handle the wind. Even though some flatbed nets come in black to match standard bed liners and mats in your flatbed, Sears has a wide array of other colors and designs to make your pickup standout from the rest. You'll find nets with unique phrases, fun logos and flags so you can express yourself on the open highway.

      A pickup truck normally comes from the factory with a rear gate, but installing a tailgate net is typically easy. Most include special anchors so they don't fly off from high winds or when traveling at fast speeds. While they're made of durable materials, it's recommended that you use a standard tailgate when carrying lots of equipment. If you still choose to regularly use a net, consider a sturdy truck cargo net to tie down any items in your flatbed. Sears carries cargo nets that can easily be hooked to your side rails or any aftermarket bed rails so all your gear doesn't slide around throughout an entire trip.

      Whether you're attempting to reduce drag or trying any small trick to help fuel economy, consider installing a tailgate net on your pickup. Sears has a large collection of nets and other useful truck bed accessories for your ride.


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