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Keep your vehicle spotless with automobile covers from Sears

Your car always looks amazing when it's clean, but whether you store it in a garage over the winter or on the driveway year-round, your ride always seems to attract lots of dust and moisture. Vehicle covers help keep your exterior from wear and rust. Sears has a large selection of automobile covers to shield the entire exterior or specific parts of your car. We carry covers from top brands like Budge, Covercraft and Rampage Products for different types of vehicles, ranging from small sedans to heavy duty pickups.

If you park your car on the driveway, it can take a beating from harsh storms or blizzards. Flying debris or road salt can scratch the exterior and rust the paint job faster than usual. Sears carries a wide array of weather-resistant vehicle covers to keep moisture and dirt from ruining the exterior. Do you keep an exotic sports car or heavy duty truck in storage? Consider a custom car and truck cover to reduce dust or other particles from getting on your vehicle.

Vehicle covers don't just have to cover the entire car. Some automobile covers are specially constructed to shield your front bumper both on and off the road. If you're concerned that your windshield can get dinged from rocks or hit by bird dropping in the driveway, consider protecting it from harm with a windshield cover.

You cherish the glistening exterior on your vehicle. Keep your ride sparkling with automobile covers from Sears whenever it's sitting in the garage or driveway.

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