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      Guard your ride with custom car covers from Sears

      Your vehicle is always a perfect target for muck and dust. If your ride is parked in a storage garage or on the driveway, protect it with a custom car cover. Sears carries custom-fit car covers to help keep dirt, snow and other materials from ruining the exterior. Shop for a sturdy yet stylish cover from top brands like Covercraft, Intro-Tech and Classic Accessories.

      If you protect your vehicle with a universal car cover, it might not fit as snug as a custom cover. Custom-fit car covers are specially tailored to fit the dimensions of a specific vehicle. Sears carries a wide array of custom car covers to shield most makes and models from the outside elements. Each tarp is made of soft materials designed that won't scratch your paint. Some models might come with an elastic hemmed bottom to properly encase your car from top to bottom.

      When your car is parked outside, there is always a chance rain or snow can blend with other particles and make your exterior dirty. Fortunately, there are special car and front end covers made from water-resistant or weatherproof materials to help fend off excess moisture. These types of custom car covers are also available in all kinds of colors and trendy designs so your vehicle can stay stylish when its covered-up in the driveway.

      Whether it's locked away in storage or parked peacefully outside, your vehicle's exterior should stay spotless. Help protect the paint job with custom car covers from Sears.


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