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      Keep your vehicle shielded with universal car covers

      There are many ways to protect a vehicle from debris, snow and rain, but car covers always do the trick when keeping the paint clean. Sears carries a large selection of universal car covers to shield everything from a small sports coupe to a large luxury sedan. Shop for regular or universal inflatable car covers from top brands like Budge, Car Capsule and Weather Handler to help keep your vehicle looking flawless.

      Your vehicle's beautiful exterior can sometimes be a magnet for dust and dirt. Choose from a wide variety of universal car covers to keep your vehicle free from all sorts of muck. If you only drive your pickup during certain seasons, guard it with a universal truck cover during the off-season. Sears not only carries standard tarps, but we also have an abundant collection of universal inflatable car covers to enclose almost any sedan or hatchback.

      Most universal covers are made of durable materials to even withstand the harsh conditions outdoors. A windshield cover can protect the front of your car, but you need something more spacious to guard the entire exterior. Large universal car covers are typically sturdy enough to handle high winds, rain, snow and road salt so your paint job can stay spotless.

      Whether you're storing a sports car in a garage or keeping your prized ride in the driveway, help it stay sparkling a car cover. Sears has different types of universal car covers to help shield any size sedan, hatchback or coupe.


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