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      Protect your windshield with windshield covers from Sears

      The winter can be cruel to your car's exterior, especially on the windshield. Snow and ice not only stick to the glass, but they also can freeze your wiper blades. Don't spend too much time scrapping off thick ice on a cold morning. Guard your windshield with windshield snow covers from Sears. We carry a wide variety of windshield covers from top brands like Intro-Tech and Classic Accessories that fit all sorts of vehicles.

      Instead of throwing a giant universal or custom car cover over the entire vehicle, a windshield cover focuses on perhaps the most crucial part of your exterior. These covers are made of durable materials to help absorb moisture and light impact from dirt and debris. A windshield cover is also flexible enough to fold up and store in your trunk or garage without taking up too much space.

      While windshield covers are a valuable asset in the winter, they are also useful in the summer. Whenever your car is parked in the sun, simply unfold the cover and quickly attach it to your windshield. An exterior car or truck cover for your windshield can help reduce sunlight from overheating leather seats and vinyl dashboards. Too much exposure to sunlight might accelerate fading and wear on either vinyl or leather interior.

      Whether you're keeping off ice or bird droppings, windshield covers can help your windshield stay flawless. Sears carries windshield snow covers to fit on almost any size car, truck or SUV.


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