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      Capture your road trips with a dash cam

      When you're out on the road, there are times you'll wish you would've had a camera to capture the moments like an amazing sunset as you pass through some open plains or the events of a fender-bender. With an HD dash cam, you'll be able to record everything that you come across while you roll down the pavement. If your car dash cam does capture a small accident, Sears has proper replacement auto parts to help you get your vehicle back to top shape.

      Despite advances in GPS technology, there can be places on the road where a GPS won't be able to sync with a satellite. Through the aid of a road atlas and a car compass, you should be able to find your way back to civilization. Models from our trusted brands will help you get back on course.

      Add a variety of other general auto interior accessories to make a trip in the car a little more comfortable. Vanity mirrors that clip onto the sun visor will let you spruce up your appearance before leaving the car. Car clocks come with thermometers so you can be prepared for the elements once you leave your vehicle. You can even find a decorative touch like a little hula doll that will dance your whole commute to work. Stop by Sears to get all the interior accessories for your vehicle.


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