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      Stay securely fastened with universal seat belts from Sears

      Any commute can have unexpected bumps and sharp turns along the way. Seat belts can help keep you safe those during long rides or short drives around the block. However, your original belts can wear or rip over time. Sears carries universal seat belts that are easy to install in almost any type of vehicle. Select new shoulder harnesses and lap belts available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate your car's front and back seats.

      There are different circumstances that require universal seat belts. Old straps can get damaged over time or a vintage car might require upgraded safety features. Unlike vehicle-specific seat belts, universal models typically fit in most cars, ranging from subcompacts to large SUVs. You'll find two-point lap belts or complete three-point constructions to help keep you and your passengers securely fastened at all times.

      When choosing universal seat belts, consider finding models that fit with your dash trim panels and upholstery. You'll find universal shoulder and lap belts in all sorts of colors and designs, including black, beige and blue. Do you have a retro ride with a classic red interior? Match the seats with flashy red two and three-point belts.

      Whether you're upgrading an old car or repairing damaged seat belts, universal seat belts can come in handy. Sears has a large selection of lap belts and full seat belt sets for almost any car, truck or SUV.


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