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      Boost your interior with a steering wheel cover from Sears

      The inside of your vehicle doesn't always look the way you want. There are many aftermarket accessories available to give the inside of your car a facelift. Steering wheel covers are great add-ons that can revamp any manufacturer steering wheel. Sears carries a large selection of custom steering wheel covers to suit your special taste. Choose from covers made in all types of colors that blend nicely with your upholstery and trim.

      Like many of interior components, steering wheels are typically ordinary and lack any personal touch. Steering wheel covers can customize your interior while providing a comfortable surface for your hands to grip. Transform a regular vinyl or plastic steering wheel with genuine leather to create a sophisticated look. Some leather models also have a wood-finished patches to match luxury dash trims and center consoles.

      If your original steering wheel is a scratched or fading, simple cloth, rubber or plasticolor designs can also do the trick. These types of custom steering wheel covers come in both vibrant and neutral colors that match your car's seat covers. For that sleek sports car, select from a wide variety of covers with special rubber grips for great handling during fast whips and turns.

      Whether you're covering up your steering wheel's blemishes or adding a special touch to your interior, steering wheel covers always come in handy. Sears has an abundant collection of custom steering wheel covers for almost any vehicle.


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