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      Your eyes are not only fixed on the road ahead, they also look forward at the dash display or instrument cluster during your commute. With all the attention your car dashboard attracts, any small scratch or damage can become a major eyesore. Sears has a large selection of replacement dashboards and dash trim kits to revamp the focal point of your interior. Most cars come from the factory with plain-looking dashes. Customize any vehicle's appearance with a dashboard featuring stylish designs and sleek colors that suit your taste.

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      Renovate your dash with replacement dashboards from Sears

      The moment you and your passengers step into the car, your eyes almost instantly turn toward the dashboard. Whether it's torn or faded from too much sunlight, your dash is always prone to harm over time. Sears carries replacement dashboards so you can effectively restore the most important part of your interior. Find everything from new dash displays to digital instrument clusters to give any car, truck or SUV a modern appearance.

      When the factory-installed dash wears down to the point of no return, swap it out with a replacement dashboard that blends with other parts of your interior. As you shop for a new a car dashboard, it's important to look for a model that matches the center console, arm rest and seats. Pick from models available in dark colors like black and navy blue to light tones including beige and gray.

      If you have a sports car, the instrument cluster might include some extra options you won't find in a standard sedan. Make sure to find a custom dashboard to handle all the extra displays and features. Once you find the right replacement dashboard, keep it clean with a dash cover to avoid excess scratching or wear.

      From customizing your interior to repairing rips, a replacement dashboard can always come in handy. Sears carries a wide array of car dashboards for almost any vehicle make and model.


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