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      Car canopies protect your vehicle from all the elements

      When you don't have a garage, you have to leave your vehicles open to the elements. If you have an old beater car that you have run into the ground since high school, you may not care so much about hailstorms or sun damage. On the other hand, you might be a little more particular about your shiny new vehicle that you just drove off the lot. A car canopy can be the perfect solution, giving you plenty of protection without the expense of an entire garage addition.

      The most basic car canopies are essentially tents that use outdoor shelter anchors that keep them in place year round. A car canopy can just be a basic tent cover, or it can have attached sides to protect all sides of your car from the elements. The nice thing about this option is that it is cheap and you can still drive your car straight in. Cloth covers or even hard tonneau covers for your truck bed don't provide full protection and they can be a pain to place and replace before and after each use. A canopy is the perfect semi-permanent solution.

      Some car canopies are more permanent and feature hard tops instead of clothe. This can be great in really severe weather and is much more resistant to debris and hail. While these cost a little more, it is well worth it to protect your car from the dents and dings that occur when you leave it out in the open elements. Again, you can opt to enclose the hardtop canopy with mesh or cloth siding, though it may make more sense to build a car shed if you want fully enclosed sides with a hard top.

      A car canopy can also be a lifesaver when you take your RV or camper on vacation. Perhaps you want a little additional shade next to your recreational vehicle, or maybe you just want to keep your car protected after it has towed the pop-up halfway across the country. Portable canopies will set up in minutes and provide plenty of protection.

      It can be hard to protect your vehicle when you have blocked off use of the garage with a garage screens, but it doesn't have to be. The right car canopy and accessories can make for a perfectly suitable home for your vehicle, giving you comfort and protection at the same time. Plus, car canopies are versatile enough that if you ever don't need yours, it can double as a shady outdoor space perfect for gatherings of friends and family.

      Sears can get you set up with the perfect outdoor shade and protection options for your vehicle, your hobbies or your gatherings. Start by browsing our large selection of canopy and outdoor options so that you can choose the one that is perfect for your needs. Then, stock up on accessories like anchors and walls at prices that won't break the bank, so you can be protected in any type of weather, rain or shine.


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