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      It is easy to add to your outdoor space when you take advantage of the space you already have in your home: your garage. Screens can keep the mosquitoes out while they let in plenty of light and fresh air for gatherings with family and friends. With a couple car canopies to keep your vehicles protected from the elements, you can add to your usable home space without expensive renovations. Sears has garage screens to fit all shapes and sizes, so you can easily upgrade your home at the click of a button.

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      Put up some garage screens to make a large-sized porch

      Your garage is a large section of your house, and you might decide that you prefer to use it as living space rather than storage space. While it might be costly to wall off the whole garage, it can actually be quite affordable to convert your garage into a porch with the help of some garage screens. These screens replace your garage door and give you fresh air and visibility in a weather-protected area. You can host barbeques or camp out to the sound of crickets in the comfort of a large and versatile space.

      Once you have decided to remodel, you will need to choose the type of garage screen you want. If you think you might still use your garage as a garage in the winter, then you will want something temporary that is easy to put up and easy to remove. A detachable mesh screen is probably your best option. You can hook up the screen to the outside of your garage and enter through zipper or magnetic closures, much as you would enter a tent. Outdoor shelter accessories like clips will be handy if there is a lot of traffic going in and out and you just want to leave the screen open for a bit.

      If you are looking for something a little more permanent, you can set up garage screens that will remain sturdy and give you easy in-and-out access when you need it. While you may consider building your own screen with two-by-fours and mesh, it will take a long time and not look as nice if you get a garage screen kit. The garage screen kit comes with everything you need and has a nice uniform look that will fit perfectly into your garage opening. You wouldn't patch together your tent trailer covers, so why would you hodge-podge something in the front of your home?

      After you select they type of garage screen you want, you will have to look into additional features. For example, you may want a sliding door instead of a regular swinging door. This can be extra handy if you need to move large items in and out or if you simply want to avoid the clanging of a screen door when the teenagers get home. If you choose a partially enclosed garage screen, you may want to consider the type and style of windows you have; if you intend for your garage to be a three-season room, then you may want to include an option for the Plexiglas or glass windows.

      When it's time to enclose the garage, Sears can give you a hand. Our helpful online community can guide you to a screen that is the perfect fit for your home and our affordable prices will keep your project within budget. From outdoor shelter anchors to garage screens, we have everything you need to complete any home or outdoor project.


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