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      Add a little pep to your car with performance auto parts

      When a car comes from the manufacturer, it's usually equipped with factory settings made for the average driver. However, if you crave a little extra horsepower from your ride, there are special performance auto parts that can help. Sears carries a wide variety of performance car parts to give your vehicle an extra kick. Many aftermarket performance auto parts can help increase horsepower, acceleration and even fuel economy. You'll find the right components to get your car going at the speed you desire.

      Whenever you're trying to increase horsepower, it's important to find reliable performance engine parts. From tuning chips to internal engine parts, Sears has a large selection of aftermarket components to get the job done. Find stage one and stage two chips to optimize your engine's performance, or think about reprogramming your car's central computer with an auto programmer to get your motor running. We also have a vast collection of internal and external engine parts, including hoses, pistons and camshafts, to create an even better ride.

      If you're interested in getting the absolute best out of your car, other components should be upgraded to handle the increased horsepower and acceleration from your newly connected aftermarket performance parts. Consider installing high-grade brakes, exhaust and fuel systems to your car. Once you've added these performance car parts, it's also important that your vehicle has the right gauges and electrical equipment. Sears carries all sorts of gauges so you can track everything from RPM to oil PSI accurately. 

      Many performance auto parts are used to transform certain vehicles into legal street racers. If you plan on taking part in legal street racing, you should always find proper auto safety equipment, which can help avoid injury. Sears has all sorts of helmets, cages and roll bars so you can race safely. In the event a fire breaks out during a race, make sure your car is equipped with an automotive fire extinguisher, which are small yet effective enough to dowse flames.

      Whether you?re looking to increase gas mileage or horsepower, performance auto parts can help. Many repair shops and dealerships charge an arm and a leg to install anything from tuning gear to engine components. Install them on your own at a fraction of the cost with reliable car performance parts from Sears.