An essential element of your engine's cooling system is the radiator fan. These fans sit near the radiator and it keep it cool while hot coolant from the engine passes through its fins. You also want to be sure all the elements of your climate control system are functioning correctly. When the evaporator core or radiator in your A/C system reaches a specified temperature, the fans will turn on. It's important to regularly check the fans in your vehicle. Exposure to high temperatures can cause them to warp and even crack if left unchecked for long periods of time. Find replacement radiator fans for most makes and models from Sears.

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      Keep your cooling system in top condition with radiator fans

      As your A/C and radiator are keeping you and your engine cool, a fan assembly is keeping them cool in turn. The heat buildup from running these components can be extremely high. If left unregulated, the radiator or evaporator core can warp and crack. Sears has radiator fans that will fit almost any car, truck or SUV.

      There are two types of A/C cooling fans. "Pusher" fans take air coming in from the grille and blow it over the hot components. "Puller" fans are outward facing and pull warm air in the compartment away from the radiator. A puller fan can have two locations under the hood. It can be set in tandem with the pusher, often in the same housing, or it may be set near the heater core.

      Since each make and model of car different , it's imperative to get a radiator fan that is specific to your vehicle. The output of air and number of fans needed may vary in different vehicles.The radiator and A/C unit are made to operate at an optimal temperature and the fans aid in maintaining that set temperature. Having the proper unit for your vehicle can help increase performance of your cooling system. Find the right parts that will keep your car in excellent condition at Sears.


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