As your car engine runs, it creates a lot of heat. Keeping the engine block at an operable temperature requires the help of your car radiator. The auto radiator brings down the temperature of cooling fluid before it makes another pass through the engine. The engine's cooling process also depends on a functioning car thermostat. Be sure you have everything you need to keep your engine in top condition. Sears has radiators for most makes and models of cars, trucks and SUVs, so shop for the right car radiator to keep your engine running efficiently during every drive.

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      After your coolant passes through the engine, it's extremely hot and needs to be cooled to maintain the proper temperature in your vehicle. This is the job of your car radiator. As the hot coolant runs through a maze of tubes, and the heat is released into the conductive metal. The auto radiator works directly with the coolant tank. Cooling liquid expands as it heats up, and the excess is deposited into the recovery tank. This process keeps the engine temperature regulated.

      During the cooling process, there are intermediary steps before the coolant makes its return to the car radiator. After passing through the engine, a portion of the coolant will pass through the heater core if the heat is turned on. In a fix, this allows the driver to use the heater core as a makeshift radiator should the main radiator fail. It won't work for long without risking engine damage, but it may give you the ability to get to a mechanic.

      A new auto radiator will cool the coolant faster and bring it to a lower temperature than one that has been working for years. Having coolant at the optimal temperature will keep the engine from overworking itself. When an engine can run efficiently, your vehicle will be able to achieve its best fuel economy. Grab a new car radiator from Sears to keep your engine in great condition.


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