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      Moisture within the A/C system of your vehicle is extremely harmful. When combined with the refrigerant, it can create chemicals that will corrode the metal components. The receiver/dryer removes moisture and debris from the air conditioner. It also holds a certain amount of excess refrigerant to be released when it's needed. The A/C accumulator acts like an air filter, and filters the refrigerant. Sears carries receiver dehydrators that will ensure your car's air conditioner runs smoothly. Find a new accumulator drier to keep your automobile cool and the A/C system safe and filtered.

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      Keep your A/C intact with a receiver/dryer

      Your car's A/C system likely has a receiver/dryer located between the condenser and the expansion valve. The main function of the A/C accumulator is to filter the refrigerant of moisture and debris. This part needs to be changed at least every three years or anytime you recharge your A/C. Like your oil filter, they will need to be replaced at regular intervals.

      Along with drying the refrigerant, the receiver dehydrator acts as a holding tank. The air conditioner receiver/dryer will store a small amount of excess refrigerant during times of low use. When the refrigerant is needed, the unit will pump it out and into the system. Think of this component like the coolant tank for your A/C. By pulling from the bottom of the canister, it ensures that the entirety of the refrigerant is used.

      Investing in a quality dehydrator is paramount to the health of the entire A/C system. Excess water that is absorbed by the refrigerant and mixes with it can create a chemical reaction that corrodes the metal components of the system. This can end up requiring major repairs. Grab a new receiver/dryer so that you keep your air conditioner running smoothly.


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