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Keep Drum Brake Systems in Top Condition with Replacement Parts from Sears

Drum brakes and disc brakes are the most common systems of brakes found on vehicles. These need to be kept in good condition to maintain the function of your car. Drum brakes can be more economical and powerful than commonly used disc brakes. A drum brake can provide more force than a disc brake of the same diameter. For improved performance, you can also install parts like brake boosters to reduce the amount of pedal pressure needed for braking.

Drum brakes are used in a variety of vehicles from heavy duty trucks to dirt bikes and are often installed on rear wheels. They are also sometimes used as the emergency brake. Drum brake systems are made up of a number of parts including the backing plate, shoe, brake master cylinder and the brake drum.

The brake drum is situated close to the brake shoe. It rotates with the wheel. When the brakes are applied, the shoes expand against the drum, producing the friction to slow and eventually stop the vehicle. Brake drums are usually made of a durable cast iron. This allows it to stand up to the wear and high temperatures during use.

Most of the heat produced by braking disperses into the air but it can also affect the surrounding brake parts. Excessive heat can warp and distort brake drums, making your vehicle vibrate when apply the brake. If drum brakes are overheated, it can also cause brake fade. If your brake system overheats to a certain level, reduced braking effectiveness can be permanent. Too much heat trapped in the brake drum can also vaporize brake fluid, causing a host of problems. If your vehicle utilizes drum brakes, be sure to inspect the brake shoes as well. This is easier than you might think. Typically there is a viewing hole in the brake drum, designed to allow you to check brake shoes without removing the wheel.

Checking your vehicles entire brake system at regular intervals is critical to your driving safety. For proper maintenance, the wheels should be removed occasionally to perform a full inspection. Any worn or broken parts should be replaced immediately. Shop from a great selection of brake hardware at Sears, from top brands like Carlson, ACDelco and more.


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