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      Brake Master Cylinder

      The road can be full of many sudden stops, turns and other unexpected events that require you to brake on a dime. That's why it's essential to have a brake system full of top-grade components. One of those key parts is the brake master cylinder, which converts pressure from your foot hitting the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure. This force moves brake fluid in the master cylinder through the brake lines, helping bring your car to a complete stop. Whenever this part breaks, make sure to repair it immediately with brake master cylinder parts from Sears. Choose from a selection of high-quality master cylinders for almost any vehicle.

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      Stop quickly and smoothly with a new brake master cylinder

      Your brakes always need to be in top shape. When one brake part is damaged, the whole system can go awry. The brake master cylinder is a key component you can't afford to have fail during a commute. Fortunately, Sears has master cylinder parts to help bring your vehicle to a smooth stop again. Select models suited for almost any type of car, truck or SUV.

      In many new vehicles, a brake warning light appears on the dashboard to alert you when a cylinder or other miscellaneous brake part fails. However, there are other ways to spot a broken master cylinder. For example, stopping power reduces significantly, and the brake pedal sinks due to leaking hydraulic fluid. When these warning signs appear, make sure to fix the problem immediately. Choose a replacement brake master cylinder made of durable cast iron or aluminum materials, which can typically withstand every day wear and tear.

      While some models come with a complete kit, you can also find individual brake master cylinder parts to make small repairs. Select high-quality bolts, gaskets and other components to fix your faulty cylinder. If damage has spread to the brake calipers, pistons or lines, consider upgrading those parts as well for optimum performance.

      Quick braking is part of your daily commute, and the brake master cylinder is the driving force behind the whole process. When a cylinder fails in the front or rear brake systems, upgrade it immediately with reliable replacement parts from Sears.


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