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      Find high-quality brake pads Sears

      Every component in your car's brake system is critical, but brake pads always need to be up for the task. After all, brake shoes and pads are the parts that apply pressure to the rotors, helping bring your vehicle to a complete stop. Whether it's for a specialized sports car or large pickup truck, Sears has a wide variety of brake pads for almost any type of vehicle make and model.

      There are many ways to spot defective brake shoes and pads. If you ever hear squealing noises or feel shaking while depressing the brake pedal, there is a good chance you need brake pads. While pulling can mean a cracked brake drum, this symptom is also a common with worn out pads. Once the problem is properly diagnosed, make sure to change them as soon as possible. Severely worn down pads can eventually damage the rotors and affect response.

      In both rear and front brake systems, the brake pads are typically covered by brake calipers along the rotors. Pads are available in various constructions, including ceramic, semi-metallic, low-metallic and organic compositions. Each type offers many different advantages that can benefit various vehicles. For instance, semi and low-metallic models usually handle high heat transfers found in performance vehicles better while ceramic pads are more suitable for regular passenger vehicles.

      From large commercial vehicles to sweet sports cars, all vehicles need to be ready to stop on a dime. Replace your old brake pads with top-of-the-line models from Sears.


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