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Rotors are a central part of the disc brake system on any vehicle. Applying the brake pedal sends hydraulic pressure to the brake pads that press against the brake rotors to slow and stop the car. Brake rotors can scar, crack, warp or extremely rust. If any part of the braking system is worn, you and your passengers are in danger. What's more, a failure in one part can damage other components throughout the braking system. Don't risk your safety with poor brake performance. Replace your worn or broken brake rotors, brake master cylinder, or brake pads with high-quality parts from Sears.

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Replace Worn Brake Rotors with High Quality Parts from Sears

A disc brake system includes various parts like brake calipers, brake hardware, and brake pads. These components work together to slow or stop a vehicle. When a driver pushes the brake pedal, the brake pads are pressed against the brake rotor. This causes friction which brings your vehicle to a stop.

Brake rotors or discs can be made from different materials, in different designs. They are often made from cast iron, steel or carbon. Iron and steel are commonly used for brake rotors in a variety of vehicles and carbon is often used in racing vehicles. Carbon is a lighter, more advanced material, and allows for greater performance.

The most basic rotors are solid discs. Performance rotors, on the other hand, are manufactured with drilled holes or machined slots for faster heat dissipation and reduced brake fade. The downside of drilled brake rotors is that the holes can weaken the rotors and may eventually cause the material to crack. Slotted brake rotors move water and heat away from the brakes as well. However, they can wear down brake pads more quickly. The type of vehicle and intended use of the vehicle will decide what type of rotors you need.

Components of brake systems should be checked periodically. If brake pads are worn and not changed, they can scar or score your car or truck's rotors. When material on the brake pads has worn away, brake power will decrease and the disc will be scratched. Cracking is another potential problem that can keep brake rotors from functioning efficiently. This often happens with drilled discs. Rusting can also affect performance of brake rotors. Some rusting is normal but excessive rusting will keep the vehicle's brake system from performing effectively. If you identify any of these signs of wear, check out our replacement parts. At Sears, we carry everything for brake systems, from pedal sets to brake rotors, all from great brands like ACDelco, Bosch and more.


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