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      The key to a smooth ride lies in your car's struts. The struts combine a coil spring with a shock absorber. The combination of the two separate components reduces the total number of complex, moving parts in your suspension system. Sears has a wide variety of struts for all types of cars, trucks and SUVS. Getting the right struts for your vehicle will help maintain the health of your tires, chassis and hubs. You can find heavy duty struts for hauling heavy equipment, as well as struts made for light passenger vehicles. The proper struts will give you and your passengers the smoothest ride possible.

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      Maintain a smooth ride with new struts from Sears

      The strut assembly on your car is what helps you maintain traction and handle all the bumps of the road with ease. A strut combines a shock with a coil spring. It is typically recommended to replace struts on many vehicles every 60,000 miles. Shop the selection at Sears when it comes time to make a replacement.

      While you should seek the advice of a mechanic before making major repairs to your car, there are a few ways to determine if it might be time to replace your car struts. When driving, pay attention to how bouncy or stiff the ride is, how well it takes tight corners and if you ever feel it bottom out over a bump. If you have problems with these, they are three signs it's time to replace the struts. Worn struts also pose a safety risk. Worn or broken struts can greatly increase the distance it takes for a vehicle to brake and come to a complete stop.

      It's important to get struts specific to your vehicle. Heavy trucks and SUVs will require struts with a higher spring constant. This will let you haul all your tools and materials to the worksite securely or tow your boat to the harbor. Sears has a great selection of struts and other suspension parts to keep your drives safe and comfortable.


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