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      Fix your transmission with automatic transmission parts from Sears

      You might take driving a vehicle with automatic transmission for granted. Unlike manual transmission, your car freely shifts gears throughout the commute without you having to put any work into it. However, when automatic transmission parts begin to fail, short and long rides can turn into a hassle. Sears carries top-grade transmission components and kits so your car can keeping switching gears flawlessly. Select from various automatic transmission kits to repair almost any vehicle make and model.

      When undertaking a complete overhaul of your car's transmission, it can be a chore to find all the components you need. Fortunately, you'll find all types of transmission assemblies and kits to repair your ride immediately. Automatic transmission rebuild kits typically include key parts like gaskets, seals, modulators and filters. Some kits come with universal automatic transmission parts, but there are other vehicle-specific sets with components made for precise makes and models.

      Minor repairs might not require complete kits, but there are also many individual automatic transmission parts available to complete your task. Choose from various components, including standard and performance transmission mounts, shift knobs and latches for almost any vehicle. No matter what project you're handling, Sears carries the right automatic transmission kits and parts to help you out.


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