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      Keep your windshield clear with wiper blades

      Mother Nature doesn't always provide you with clear skies for your afternoon commute. A quality set of wiper blades will make navigating in the rain easier than relying on your worn out blades. Wiper blade refills will have your vision clear and streak free. Sears carries wiper blades from all the brands you trust and in any size you need.

      Picking out the best blades for your vehicle can be a tough choice. Sears has a great selection of Valvoline, Windex and Scrubblade wiper blades. You can even find winter wiper blades, made of a sturdier frame and thicker rubber, for when the rain turns to snow. This will help it cut through the dense snow that all-season wipers might not be able to completely handle. Just as you'd put on your winter tires at the change of seasons, you'll need to get the proper winter gear for your windshield.

      When your car is parked in the driveway, you can still keep the windshield protected. A standard windshield cover will help keep debris and snow off of the glass. Doing so will keep your wipers from having to scrape over debris and needlessly wear them down. Stop by Sears and grab all the wiper blades you need.


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