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Get your wipers back on track with a windshield wiper arm

Maintain the wiper system on your vehicle will require checking multiple parts. The main piece of the wiper system is the windshield wiper arm, which is what the wiper blade sits on. Whether it's due to debris or just continued use, wiper arms can bend, warp or wear unevenly. When this happens, part of the blade will lose contact with the glass. Streaks left behind by warped wipers can interfere with your vision as you drive.

There is a variety of windshield wiper replacements that will help clear water better than a standard straight model. Contoured models give you better coverage along the viewing area. Sears also carries a number of vehicle specific replacements. Just like a custom fit floor mat, these replacement blades should fit your vehicle perfectly and performing similarly to the way it did when you drove it off the lot.

You'll also be able to find parts to replace the internal workings of the wiper assembly while shopping. Sears carries windshield wiper linkage and pivot bars which are what move the wiper arms back and forth. After years of use, these link bars can wear out and not rotate as smoothly. Grab these wiper components and other replacement auto parts to keep your car in top shape.

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