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Replacement Body Parts

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Revitalize your vehicle with aftermarket body parts from Sears 

Whether it's brand new or retro, your car's body naturally takes a beating. Rust and dings can build up on the exterior over time, but it doesn't need to stay unkempt. Keep your vehicle looking good as new with aftermarket body parts from Sears. Body shops can be expensive because they charge for both parts and labor. We carry a large selection of replacement body parts, including panels, grilles and bumpers, so you can restore your vehicle's exterior at a fraction of the cost.

One of the most battered areas of your car is the bumper. From errant shopping carts to collisions with other vehicles, dents can pile up and become an eyesore on your bumper. Fortunately, Sears has different kinds of bumpers to fit on almost any car, truck or SUV. Observers typically check out the front and rear when looking at your car. Since the front grille picks up lots of debris and is also susceptible to dents , consider replacing it with an aftermarket model so both the front can look just as good as the back.

The exterior body panels on your car doors can also get dinged over time. While dings are tiny, they can cause paint to chip and panels to rust much quicker than usual. Sears carries various panels to fix doors on almost any vehicle make and model. Once you install new body panels, consider adding some rocker panels to the bottom of your doors. Rocker panels help reinforce your doors by protecting them from debris that can damage you exterior.

Many aftermarket body parts not only can be used for repairs, but they also can transform your car into something stylish. For instance, if you're looking to make the exterior shine, chrome door handles and grilles can do the trick. Want something that looks a bit tougher? Sears has panels and other body components in darker colors or with catchy designs that are sure to turn heads. No matter what replacement body parts you're looking for, you'll find something that suits your taste.

You always try to keep your car's exterior looking spotless, but debris and accidents can ruin it. Don't overpay a body shop to repair the exterior. Cut down on the cost by using high-quality aftermarket body parts from Sears.