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      Recreational vehicles are the descendants of the covered wagons early American settlers rode across the plains and over mountains. Those settlers would have loved it if their wagons had all of the luxuries you have in your RV. From air conditioning and flat screen televisions to indoor plumbing and RV steps, camping today is high tech and comfortable. If you need accessories to make your RV even more convenient and home-like, we have what you need here. Browse RV canopies, bike racks and RV hand rails from brands including Swagman and Stromberg.

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      RV steps provide the reach you need

      If you need to reach a top shelf or you have to install an awning on your RV, then you need RV steps to get that extra reach. Sears has a complete selection of RV platform steps from Stromberg that support up to 1,000 pounds. Each step features durable aluminum frames that withstand heavy weight, and the legs have rubber feet to prevent slipping and sliding on the floor. The legs also fold beneath the platform for easy storage in a cabinet or an exterior RV compartment.

      Like RV steps, RV ladders provide the lift you need to reach items further up on the RV. Many of the Stromberg RV ladders double as chair racks, giving you an extra storage space for hauling camping chairs to the campsite. The Stromberg RV ladder-bike rack has an attachment for hauling your mountain bikes on the back of the RV. We have 66-inch interior ladders for reaching the top bunk, and many of our RV ladders feature durable steel frames and heavy-duty rungs that support up to 300 pounds.

      RV tire carriers come in handy for hauling a spare tire with you on a road trip. In case of a blowout, have a fifth wheel ready to go on the Stromberg RV universal tire carrier. We have rigid and folding tire carriers that include the mounting hardware for attaching your carriers to the RV. Rigid tire carriers work best when you don't need access to a compartment on the RV. With a folding tire carrier, you can mount the carrier over a compartment and still have access to the contents. The built-in stopper also prevents the spare tire from falling off when you lean the carrier forward.

      In addition to steps and ladders, we have other specialty RV accessories that improve your road trip. Mount the Stromberg RV Cargo Caddy on your vehicle to haul extra camping equipment, and use a Trimax universal trailer lock to prevent your trailer from slipping off the hitch. We have stabilizer springs that reduce the amount of sag on your vehicle when hauling heavy loads, and you can install an escape hatch in the RV in case of emergencies. Whether you need Camco toilet tissue or dish drainers, find the specialty accessories you need for your trip in the RV.

      Use an RV step to reach items on the shelves, and climb onto the top bunk easier with an RV ladder. Install an RV tire carrier to haul a spare tire on your trip, and invest in toilet paper and RV accessories before you hit the road. Turn to Sears when you need affordable camping equipment and RV supplies for your next trip outdoors.


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