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      RVs are the powerhouses of personal vehicles. You can travel in them, turn them into a temporary home and load them up with all sorts of gear. But don't stop loading when your recreational vehicle's interior is completely full. Haul your car behind you with an RV towing hitch, bikes on your roof with an attachable rack and spare tires on the rear end with an RV tire carrier. Find all of the accessories you need for your RV at Sears, from bungee cords to RV jacks, to secure everything and fully utilize every inch of your sturdy vehicle.

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      Carry a spare with an RV tire carrier

      Long road trips cause wear and tear on your tires, so you want to carry a spare tire with an RV tire carrier from Sears. We have a full selection of universal tire carriers that support RV and trailer tires. You can choose between Stromberg universal rigid and folding tire carriers depending on your needs. If you need access to another compartment on the RV, then a folding tire carrier works best and keeps your tire from falling off when you tilt the carrier forward.

      Equip your RV with additional accessories like RV hand rails from National MFG and Stromberg. We also carry separate brackets for mounting your hand rails to the RV with ease. One of our hand rail sets includes the Stromberg Lend-A-Hand RV railing, which mounts to the side of your RV door and provides assistance when walking up the steps. You can use National MFG brackets and separate hand rails as a permanent railing fixture on the RV, or you can opt for the Lend-A-Hand, which detaches easily when it's time to hit the open road.

      In addition to RV hand rails, we have RV steps that provide an extra lift when you need to reach items on shelves. Stromberg RV steps support up to 1,000 pounds, and they have rubber feet that prevent slipping on bare floors. You can also use the platform steps outside of the RV to reach the awning or to make repairs in areas that you can't reach from the ground. Our RV steps also have folding legs, so you can easily store them away in a cabinet or a storage compartment until you need them.

      Specialty RV accessories like Stromberg cargo caddies come in handy for loading camping and hiking equipment on the RV. Invest in a Camco RV screen door grill to protect your screen from damage when closing and opening the door. We have Extend-A-Shower accessories that provide more room in the RV's shower, and Trimax universal trailer locks keep your trailers secure on the ball joint. If you have a heavy load on the RV, then invest in the SuperSprings leaf spring stabilizer to prevent sag and to improve driver control. From Dorman cabin fans to Heng's escape hatches, we have the accessories you need for your RV.

      Haul a fifth wheel on your road trip with an RV tire carrier, and attach RV hand rails beside the door for extra support when walking up the steps. Pack the RV with Camco toilet tissue and other specialty RV accessories before you head out. Shop Sears for more affordable camping equipment and traveling accessories for your trip in the RV.


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