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      Come into Sears for a complete chassis-alignment service to diagnose and repair your car or truck. We have six-month, one-year and three-year alignment services that include a steering and suspension evaluation, and our trained mechanics hang, calibrate and angle the heads and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your vehicle operates smoothly when you leave the service center. An alignment not only improves steering, but it also helps fuel efficiency by reducing drag from unaligned wheels. You can even get your oil changed and your tires rotated all in one visit. If your car needs a tune-up, bring it to Sears, and let our professionals take care of it for you.

      If you're a mechanic or enjoy working on your car, then you want specialty automotive tools to help tweak or repair your vehicle. Invest in a complete Craftsman tool set bundle that includes sockets and wrenches for lug nuts and bolts. You also get car jacks and a creeper for sliding under your car without straining your back. Reach hoses deep beneath the hood with Craftsman cable-operated hose clamp pliers, and check your cooling system with a pressure tester. We also have brake set modules and compressor tools for your struts.

      Along with our chassis-alignment services, we provide automotive maintenance options that range from a conventional oil change to a full inspection and service. You can even opt for a transmission fluid exchange. Some high-mileage vehicles need special attention, so we offer high-mileage oil change services that include up to five quarts of Valvoline, tire inflation and topping off your windshield and power-steering fluids. Whether you need an oil change or a simple tune-up, we can take care of the problem for you.

      Replace your current headlamps and taillights with custom replacement car lights from Carro Pacific and Vision Automotive. You have access to replacement lights for most car makes and models, which include the Toyota Tacoma and the Dodge Caliber. Install new Hella taillights on the back of your Volkswagen Jetta, or customize your car with black LED taillights from IPCW. You can even find crystal-clear taillights and replacement lights for your Chevy Cavalier. We have fog lights for motorcycles and driver- and passenger-side corner lights for Chevy, Ford and Honda.

      Bring your car to Sears for chassis-alignment services, and opt for additional automotive maintenance services like oil changes and fluid exchanges while you wait. Invest in specialty automotive tools for your at-home workshop, and customize your car with new replacement lights for your make and model. Visit Sears when you want affordable automotive services and replacement auto parts for your car or truck.


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