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Maintain your vehicle with automotive services at Sears

Bring your car into the Sears repair shop every 3,000 miles for a tune-up and a complete evaluation. Sears offers a list of automotive services for your car, truck or SUV, and we can diagnose and repair everything from alignment issues to worn brakes. We also offer full oil and transmission fluid exchange services to ensure your car runs smoothly after it leaves the shop. From 6-month alignment services to general maintenance, we have the parts and professionals available to service your automobile.

As a professional mechanic or someone who likes to repair your own car in the garage, you need a quality set of mechanics' air tools for the job. You have the choice between an individual air tool or complete sets that contain multiple tools for tightening and loosening bolts. With a Craftsman heavy-duty impact wrench, you can remove the lug nuts from your car and change your tire in less time. Invest in high-speed rotary sanders for sanding body putty or removing rust from your car parts, and complete your toolbox with pneumatic rivet guns and reversible drills to create the ultimate mechanic's tool collection.

Along with maintaining the car's engine, you want to keep the exterior body looking its best each week. With Craftsman car buffer tools, you can buff and polish the entire vehicle and restore its shine. The Porter-Cable 6-inch polisher has a variable speed dial that gives you full control over the buffing. You have access to Fein automotive kits that contain an oscillating multi-tool and pads for sanding and detailing metal and plastic car parts. We also offer buffer and polishing bonnets to ensure that you have enough on hand when detailing your car.

Front and rear taillights bust, and interior light bulbs dim and stop working. When you need a new overhead bulb or a headlamp for your car, we have a selection of replacement car lights for you to choose from. Whether you own a Dodge or a Toyota, you can find replacement headlamps and taillights for your car, truck or SUV. We also have halogen lamps that shine brighter and last longer than traditional bulbs. Our inventory includes fog lights for your motorcycle, side composite lamps for your Hyundai and chrome housing for your Ford Mustang.

Cars require regular tune-ups, so you need your own set of mechanics' air tools on hand to make adjustments and repairs. Invest in car buffer tools to remove dust and smears from the bumpers and hood, and install replacement car lights when your bulbs dim or bust. Bring your car into Sears for the most affordable automotive services, and shop online for even more parts and accessories for your vehicle.