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      Give Your Ride the Attention It Deserves With Custom Wheels

      Many upgrades to your vehicle are done for the car's performance, speed, look or comfort but few guarantee as much impact as custom wheels. New wheels make your car stand out better than almost any other cosmetic change to your car. Custom wheels are quick and simple to install and offer more durable and reliable performance than stock wheels.

      At Sears we have a variety of custom wheel designs and types available. You can choose to upgrade your rims from among chrome, machined or painted wheels. Give your car a classier or bolder look, depending on which style you choose.

      There are a number of factors to take into account when choosing your custom wheels. Different models have different characteristics and come in various styles to suit any taste. Machine-polished wheels provide a high shine. They are clear-coated to achieve this flashier appearance. Chrome wheels can give your ride a mirror shine, whether you're after a traditional or modern look. Painted wheels are yet another option for customizing your rims. They come in gloss- or matte-painted finishes. The most common colors for painted wheels are black and silver but don't be afraid to paint your custom wheels anything from blue to red to white to coordinate with a custom paint-job. Whether you're looking for chrome wheels to add flash or a matte black to coordinate with your classic car, we have what you need to take your look to the next level.

      Our selection of custom wheels ranges from under $100 to high-end $300+ options. We also have special wheel accessories to protect your custom wheels from weather and wear. If you're riding high in a performance SUV, our tire covers can shield your spare from damaging conditions.

      The right wheels will change the look of your ride. Not all rims are created equal, and they are not one-size-fits-all. Custom wheels are made to fit different makes and models of car. Sears carries popular sizes like 20 to 22-inch rims, as well as less common sizes. Shop a great selection of custom wheels from great brands like SSC Performance, Ultrawheels, Platinum Wheels and more. While you're looking for the perfect set of wheel, be sure to make sure your tires are also working at peak performance. We carry tire pressure monitoring sensors, so you can drive with confidence that the treads around your new rims are properly inflated.


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