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      Pacemark Snowtrakker Radial ST/2 - P195/65R15 89S BW - Winter Tire

      from Sears| Item: 09585807000 | Model: 356289438
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      Create a safe and smooth ride with right set of tires

      You and your passengers deserve a safe trip when stepping into any car, truck or SUV. Old or damaged tires can almost single-handedly change an exceptionally smooth commute into a bumpy ride. Whether you've been experiencing vibrations, pulling or worn out tread, new automotive tires might be in order. The right types of high-quality tires not only create a smoother stop, but they also can help improve your gas mileage and provide optimal performance from your vehicle.

      Finding the correct models to wrap around your wheels can be tough. There are various types of tires made for different uses. For example, all-season models are great if you need something durable that can give you ample traction year round. If you need something that can support your pickup or SUV better than standard passenger designs, consider using light truck tires. These models are designed with superior grip for constant hauling or towing heavy equipment.

      Automotive tires are extremely vital in harsh wintry conditions. If you live in area that experience harsh winters, you might want to install winter tires to handle the elements. Winter models are made of special rubbers and feature deeper tread, which helps grip ice and snow better than other designs. Most snow tires are produced with lower speed ratings so make sure they fit your driving habits before you install them on your vehicle.

      If you use snow tires, don't keep them all year. If you have a performance vehicle, consider installing summer models that can give you superior traction at higher speeds. Simple passenger designs are also good enough for standard sedans, minivans and hatchbacks. No matter what type you need, Sears has all tires that fit almost any vehicle and driving style.

      Having the right tires can help ensure a safe commute. Whether it's for a car, truck or SUV, you'll find the best automotive tires for your ride at Sears. With top of the line brands like Goodyear, Michelin and Continental, enjoy a gentle and steady ride no matter how rough the road is ahead.


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