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Geo-Trac G04 R-4 - 12.5/80-18 G/14 TL BSW

from Sears| Item: 09552895000 | Model: 20254001
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Get your yard equipment moving again with new specialty tires

Believe it or not, your car isn't the only kind of vehicle that you need to properly tend to. Your lawn mower, trailer or garden tractor is something that you should keep an eye on too. Like your car, it's important that each of these has a solid set of tires to transform your yard into a beautiful landscape. Sears has a wide selection of specialty tires for various equipment and vehicles so your next project doesn't stall before it even starts.

Both riding and push lawn mowers can wear out quickly from constantly cutting an unkempt lawn and by sitting idle during cold winters. There is nothing more aggravating than finding a cracked or worn out tire before your start your first mow of the spring. Cutting the grass on a bad tire is not only a tough task, but it is also very unsafe and a new one should be installed before you start your lawn mower. When it comes time to replace your mower or garden tractor's tires, you'll find specialty tires from top brands like Nanco and Trac Gard so you can get back to making your lawn a masterpiece.

Other kinds of equipment and vehicles require specialty tires than just lawn mowers and garden tractors. For instance, you might have a trailer that carries quite a load. Whether you are hauling a fishing boat or a lot of different camping accessories, your trailer's tires undergo lots of stress that cause wear over time. Most automotive experts recommend that you switch out the tires every three to five years, which is typically when trailer tires peak. Sears carries specialty tires for any trailer so you can haul and tow with the greatest of ease.

Another specialty vehicle that needs a distinct set of tires are all terrain vehicles. Whether you're having an adventure in the mud or are going hunting, nothing beats the thrill of zipping off road on an ATV. However, like any fun activity, it requires some safety as well. Sears has every part, ranging from powersport batteries to specialty tires so your ATV or utility terrain vehicle is operating safely. Make sure your ATV gets equipped with the right size tires that give you proper traction and grip as you trek through the mud or grass.

No matter if it's for your lawn and garden equipment or trailer, having the right specialty tires are a must. Don't let your projects or activities be halted by worn out tires. Replace them with the only the best kind of tires. Sears offers an abundant selection for any vehicle or equipment to ensure a smooth and safe ride.


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