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      Uniroyal Tiger Paw Ice & Snow II 185/70R14 Winter Tires

      from Sears| Item: 09549663000 | Model: 92003
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      Cut through snow and ice with winter tires from Sears

      Winter driving takes a different skillset and mentality. Diminished visibility and slick roads can put you in danger whenever you're behind the wheel. Stay safer with a brand new set of winter tires on your car or truck with snow tires from Sears. You'll find winter models from top brands like Goodyear, Cooper and Michelin, which are all designed improve traction when driving through heavy snow and thick ice.

      Winter tires have many special design features which set them apart from touring car tires. Even all-weather tires do not include many of these features, so you are best off installing specialized ice and snow tires on your car or truck this winter. For instance, tires optimized for low temperatures are made from the softer rubber than touring tires, enabling the treads to spread more and grip the ground. These models are also built with aggressive rectangular and hexagonal tread patterns that dig deeply into snow. Touring tires, on the other hand, typically have narrow treads designed to minimize friction, which can easily clog with ice and snow.

      If you live in an area that experiences heavy accumulation, you might require some extra security. Studded snow tires are always a great option in areas that permit them. These models have patterns with small holes that hold heavy-duty tire studs. The studs protrude slightly from the tire's surface to give your car a solid grip on slick surfaces. Similar to tire chains, studded winter tires can damage asphalt and might be illegal in certain areas.< p>

      When you're fitting a car for winter weather, remember that tires aren't the only necessary component. Maintaining visibility is crucial during any snowfall so make sure to replace your windshield wiper blades before the first storm of the season. Worn out wiper blades should be replaced immediately because they're ineffective at removing slushy snow and ice from your windshield. The windshield can also fog up during a storm. Make sure to spray it with a water-repellant coating and check your wiper fluid system frequently throughout the season.

      No one enjoys slipping and sliding on the pavement. Get the right types of winter tires so you can ride easily through light snow or a heavy blizzard. You'll find everything you need to brace your car for its winter commute at Sears.


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