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      Use baby pillows to keep your little ones comfortable

      Soft, plush pillows make anyone feel more comfortable but are especially important for little bodies. The baby pillows available from Sears are ideal for supporting baby's head during breastfeeding. Ergonomic pillows with changeable slip covers offer a cute way to prop your child up as he or she learns to sit and play. Other decorative pillows add a touch of color to the nursery with eye-catching shapes and patterns that stimulate baby's senses.

      Pillow designs vary depending on the age of the child you're shopping for. Before a baby is born, pregnant moms can use body pillows as added support for the head, legs and back while resting or sleeping. Nursing pillows come in comfortable curved shapes to provide a soft place for newborns and young babies to rest their heads while feeding. As your child grows and begins to develop a personal sense of style, decorative kids pillows bring a sense of fun to the bedroom with a variety of eye-catching designs. Try themed pillow cases for a unique style or a pillow shaped like a favorite character that your child can cuddle as he or she sleeps.

      Making your baby comfortable is important, especially as he or she begins sleeping through the night. Although pillows generally aren't recommended for very young babies, baby bumpers provide a soft lining in cribs. Cushioned bumper pads line the slats of the crib to protect baby from bumps overnight or during naptime. Like pillows, these accessories are available in adorable kid-friendly styles and colors including pastels, sports themes and animal prints. Place coordinating throw pillows in other parts of the nursery such as on a rocking chair for a comfortable, balanced look.

      Whether used for comfort or decoration, pillows are an integral part of nursery and bedroom style. When toddlers graduate from cribs to "big kid" beds, you can introduce cute bedding such as the pillowcases available from Lillian Rose. Adorned with flowers, plants and kid-friendly characters, these cute cases take an ordinary pillow and turn it into something special for your child. Moving from the safety of an enclosed sleeping space to a bed is a big step, but a patterned throw pillow or child-sized "pillow pal" can help ease the transition by providing an extra feeling of security.

      Decorating your baby's nursery with a variety of baby pillows and accessories creates a cozy environment. Update the style with age-appropriate decor as your child grows so they'll always have something plush to snuggle when they sleep. Take a look at all that Sears has in stock to make your kids as comfortable as possible.


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