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      Take easy steps to superior baby car safety

      Travel systems and accessories work together. They ensure that your infant rides in your car in safety as well as in style. Baby car safety items focus on age-appropriate size adaptation, bodily comforts and the protection of sensitive areas. Sears carries travel systems from Eddie Bauer, Safety 1st and Evenflo. These systems come with two bases. One base goes into your car. You strap it in place and leave it there. The other base is part of the stroller. Working only with rear-facing infant seats, you can transfer a baby from the stroller to the car simply by lifting out the car seat and putting it into the base. A click confirms that you placed the seat properly into the base and that it is now ready for travel.

      Other must-have accessories for travel safety include Noodle Head's neck pillows and Sophias' car seat covers. Both products work together to soften the seat's sometimes-scratchy material and ensure that a small neck receives additional cushioning in the vehicle. Eddie Bauer makes car seat strap covers that protect your baby against the occasionally uncomfortable snugness that a seat's harness can impose on the chest and around the shoulders. These covers close with Velcro to fit properly around the seat belts.

      When the seat belts get too dirty, begin to fray or become difficult to adjust, replace them with products from Beams. Older kids benefit from the addition of a seat belt shoulder pad that makes the wearing of the restraint more comfortable. After taking apart your child's car or booster seat, make sure that you not only clean the belts but also the hardware. If some of the hardware gets lost, replace it with items from a kit that Sears carries. It comes with mounting hardware as well as the discs that keep the straps in place.

      After focusing on your child's travel safety, do not neglect the types of childproofinadhesive strip cover and press the locking mechanism into place. Keep older children from leaving your house ahead of you with doorkg products that also make your home safe. Parent Units manufactures outlet covers that automatically shift over the electrical outlet when you unplug an appliance. Sears also carries the easy-to-install KidCo cabinet and drawer lock. Simply remove the nob covers.

      Round out your baby safety purchases with the right baby travel seats. Evenflo, Cosco and The First Years are just a few of the manufacturers that produce seats for all age groups. Look for little creature comforts like built-in cup holders and detachable pillows that make the late-night ride home just a bit cozier. Some seats also feature inserts that you remove as the infant grows bigger.

      Sears carries a large inventory of baby car safety items, seat belts, childproofing products and baby travel seats. Select the products that you did not receive at your baby shower, and ensure that your infant is safe at home as well as on the road.