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      Complete your nursery with nursery clocks from Sears

      Time flies when you are spending it with your baby! Finding just the right nursery clock can help you keep track of those precious hours. Here at Sears, we have clocks to fit any decor whether it is sweet and traditional or hip and fresh. Children love to look at the colorful, happy face of an animal clock and the comforting, glowing numbers of a digital clock at nighttime. As your child grows and learns to tell time, the clock can show when it is time to come to dinner or watch a favorite television show. Every nursery can have its own special clock that matches the personality of the child.

      If you prefer a traditional analog clock, Sears has adorable Peek-a-boo wall clocks with eyes that move back and forth, a favorite with children. These clocks are highly attractive with large, easy-to-read numbers and modern steel cases. If you are decorating a child's room with a sports theme, a football clock fits right in and looks charming. Choose an old-fashioned alarm clock in your favorite color. Sears has a great selection of retro clocks to match any theme. Set one on top of a dresser or nightstand from our collection of toddler furniture.

      Our digital clocks are sleek and functional. We have portable digital clocks that you can pack into a suitcase while you travel and clocks that work as music-player docks. Just plug in your MP3 player, and the clock will play soothing music as your child falls asleep. You can also program these clocks to wake the child with a particular tune. A glowing digital clock makes navigating a darkened room easier, and some children find them as comforting as a nightlight. Both digital and analog nursery clocks make great gifts for expectant parents, especially as part of baby bundles or matching sets of other nursery items.

      Getting the baby's room ready is one of the most exciting parts of preparing to have a child. A beautifully decorated room can help the parents feel secure during a hectic and bewildering time, and a clock is an indispensable element of the room's overall design. Along with furniture, paint and matching window coverings, an attractive and usable clock helps make the baby's environment soothing, charming and functional.

      Here at Sears, you can find all the furniture and accessories that go along with having a child. Our selection of clocks fits every taste and style. Outfit your nursery with a clock that will let you time midnight feedings, tell you when it's time for the drive to preschool or time to close the picture books and tuck everyone in.


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