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The right drapes can really have an impact on the atmosphere in your nursery. Drapes can let just the right amount of light in, at the right tint, to influence the mood in the room. Sears has an excellent selection of nursery drapes in all colors, materials and styles so that you will be sure to find what you need. We also carry a complete range of quality nursery lighting to provide proper illumination at night. Sears offers the most popular nursery drape brands including NoJo, Trend-Lab and Cotton Tale so that you can find the perfect choice.

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How to choose the best nursery drapes

Your new baby's room is filled with items that reflect the joy you feel at bringing your precious bundle home. You have no doubt carefully chosen a theme and a color scheme for the room to carefully reflect your values and style. Don't forget to find the right nursery drapes to match the comforter and wall hangings that grace your baby's room. Sears has nursery drapes in nearly any style or color you can imagine. Finding the right curtains can be daunting, but Sears wants to help you make the choice. We will give you the tools to purchase nursery curtains that can stay with your baby for many years to come.

Think first about the style that you have chosen for the room. Will your princess be pretty in pink? Do you hope that your little slugger will be a sports star? Sears has many options that are made to match specific designs. You may wish to take a note from your baby mobiles. Pick nursery drapes that match the mobile's canopy, which is often in a solid color.

You should also consider the planned longevity of the nursery drapes. Do you desire to have curtains that will stay with your child as he or she grows, or do you expect to change the curtains in a few years? Some parents prefer to get neutral window treatments that may never be replaced. They instead focus on items like nursery wall decor to add personality and charm to the room. Neutral-toned nursery drapes are also wise choices if your nursery is to be used by more than one child. Many parents choose to move their children to a maturer room as they age while the nursery is left more or less as it is for future siblings.

The last item you must take into consideration is the goal you hope to achieve with your nursery drapes. Curtains might simply exist for decoration, but in many rooms, they have other functions. Bright rooms might require window coverings that black out all sunlight so that your baby can rest well during daylight hours. Drafty windows can benefit from lined curtains that block some of the cold air that might leak into your baby's room. Sears also has window treatments for odd-sized windows. We can provide you with customized shades and blinds to match virtually any window's dimensions.

Your baby may not immediately thank you for all the hard work you put into finding the nursery drapes for his or her room. You will thank yourself for making the best choice from the beginning instead of buying treatments that do not work as you had hoped. You will not have to worry about whether or not your drapes are appropriate for the room when you are welcoming a new child into the world. Let Sears take that worry away. Shop Sears now for the best in nursery drapes from a name you know you can trust.


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