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      Build a better nursery with baby rugs

      Your child's formative years are important. The environment that they spend the most of this time in is just as critical. Sears lets you pick baby rugs that make your child's nursery and the rest of your home into far more welcoming places. Build a complete, nurturing space that they can feel safe in, and you'll be able to watch them develop freely.

      Your baby's clumsiness is a natural phase, but that doesn't mean you won'tcringe when they stumble and fall. Even though you can't protect them from every little mistake, you can make sure that they don't suffer from them permanently by filling their nurseries with softer decor. Use our wide range of plush baby decor to ensure that those little falls that are just part of growing up don't make them afraid to venture out into the world. This is a great way to protect them from hardwood and tile floors, so our rugs are appropriate in areas other than nurseries where youwant to keep an eye on your kids while you're doing chores or other business.

      Babies naturally spend a lot of time on the ground even when they aren't falling down. When you're crawling on your hands and knees, cushy baby rugs like our thick shag, plush and pile carpets make big differences in how pleasant the experience is. Make it easier for kids to enjoy playtime or catch a quick nap right where they're sitting by using one of our soft rugs to give them their own personal play area. Choose a material that your baby favors to keep their sensitive skin from getting irritated, and top it all off with one of our low-rise baby sofas so that they can explore their surroundings and satisfy their curiosity without risking falls from high places.

      Remember to stimulate your child's imagination during these early stages. Use our decorative baby rugs to introduce them to favorite characters or take them to far-off places without ever letting them out of your sight. Pattern rugs are perfect for building themed nurseries, and they make play time more exciting with fun themes like dancers, nature or sports. You'll probably get lost in the imagery and adventure too, so grab one of our nursery clocks to keep track of the time flying by.

      Turn your child's nursery into a safer place for them to play, explore and learn. Make sure that their unavoidable mistakes don't leave lasting scars by providing them with safer surroundings. Shop the Sears baby rugs selection today to build a better home environment that nurtures healthier growth.


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