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      Protect your baby's bottom with diaper rash relief products from Sears

      Diaper changes can be a fun time in a baby's day. A few quick snaps and straps mixed in with some tickles and funny faces, and your little one doesn't even know there's a new diaper on. But that changing-table fun can quickly turn from a dream to a nightmare. It doesn't matter what the reason is; wetness, skin sensitivity, new food, infection; when a diaper rash occurs, you need it to go away as quick as possible, and Sears has the products and baby rash powders you need to take those tears away.

      The first step to beating diaper rash is keeping your baby's bottom as dry as possible. You can do that with one of the many disposable diaper brands available at Sears, but that can quickly become as expensive as it is time-consuming. Use baby rash powder before putting cloth diapers on your little one. This will ease the pain throughout the day, but just be sure to powder them during every changing. Dispose of all diapers and wipes used on those rashes in a diaper pail.

      The next step to beating redness and irritation on your baby's bottom is creating a barrier between sensitive skin and irritants inside the diaper. You can do that with any of the diaper pastes, ointments and creams offered at Sears. Products from top brands have been proven to help treat and prevent diaper rash. When applied properly during diaper changes and combined with regular washing and baths, these medications can help turn raw and red back to normal and healthy.

      But better than beating diaper rash is preventing it altogether. From diaper rash relief creams and baby rash powders, Sears has the products you need to help keep a baby bottom clean and dry; the keys to diaper rash prevention. Look for diapers that promote dryness by locking fluid away quickly before it has a chance to create skin irritation. Though it's not just about baby-bottom dryness; parents can play a role in diaper rash relief prevention, too The simple act of washing your hands before and after diaper changes helps prevent the spread of bacteria.

      Nobody wants to watch their baby experience diaper rash. So keep your diaper stacker stocked with baby rash powder and let tear-filled changing-table sessions become a thing of the past with the help of Sears' diaper rash relief products.


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