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      Most new and veteran parents of small children will most likely tell you, it's pretty hard to get through the day without baby wipes. Equally as essential as disposable diapers, these wonderful wet wipes can clean so much more than stinky baby bottoms, including messy faces, sticky fingers, runny noses and spills. Did we mention they can help kill germs, too? Anti-bacterial wipes are perfect for keeping your baby healthy and happy. Sears carries some of the most trusted baby-wipe brands to help parents get through the dirtiest, messiest moments of the day.

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      Wipe away the mess with a variety of baby wipes at Sears

      You've packed up for a day at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and you think you have everything. You're about to walk out the door when you realize you've almost forgotten one of the most important items: baby wipes. Imagine a day of diaper-changing without wipes. As you probably know, wet wipes can help with so much more than diaper changes, and Sears has the selection you need to wipe away the messes thrown at you throughout the day.

      From your most standard wet wipes to disposable soft ultra-thick hypoallergenic wipes, You can stock the diaper bag with a wide range of baby-wipe products. While there are many standard baby wipes for keeping your little one's tush clean, there are also products designed for special needs. Your baby's skin can be sensitive, so you may need wipes with aloe that help prevent diaper rashes. Other wipes are specially formulated for cleaning boogers out of baby's nose. You can even find wipes that are easily flushable.

      Baby wipes aren't just for bottoms either. Runny noses and sticky hands need wiping, too. You can use baby wipes to keep hands, baby bottles, toys and other baby essentials sanitized and clean to protect your child from germs.

      But that's not why wet wipes have become so essential. The main reason baby wipes can be more important to parents than other essentials like baby bottle accessories is they're not just for babies and toddlers. For your convenience, baby wipes can be used for all kinds of grown-up things. If it's hot and humid outside, you can use baby wipes to cool off your brow and wipe away sweat. If you wear eye makeup, wipe it away with a moist baby wipe. If the dashboard of your car is looking a little dusty, you can easily wipe it down. When you eat sticky food, you can clean your hands, as well as baby's. You can even use a wipe on your dog's paws if they're dirty after a muddy walk.

      From messy baby bottoms to dirty chalkboards, Sears' selection of wet wipes can help you get through the day's dirt. So if you're going forget something when you go to Grandma and Grandpa's house, let it be a toy or even a change of clothes. Just don't forget the baby wipes.


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