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      Satisfy your infant with baby feeding accessories from Sears

      The best way to soothe your infant's hungry tummy is by having the right baby feeding accessories in your home, on the go and always at the ready for daytime meals or midnight bottles. From breast pumps and bibs to nursing pillows and high chairs, Sears is your source for infant feeding supplies. You'll find all the top players in baby name brands, all within a range of prices that makes infant care more affordable. Whether you're measuring newborn formula or teaching your toddler to eat with a fork, we have what parents need for every phase of baby feedingeven the diapers your baby will use after each and every meal.

      Shop for bottle basics or breastfeeding necessities based on how you've decided to nourish your baby. You'll find the best bottles and nipples for your baby within a vast selection of brands and styles: designs for breastfed babies that mimic a mother's shape; bottles engineered to reduce colic, gas and spit-up; and flow control that lets your baby drink more as it grows. Because nursing mothers are all about comfort and convenience, Sears carries top-of-the-line electric breast pumps, portable manual pumps and other breastfeeding essentials like storage vials, breast shields, nursing pads and privacy covers.

      The need for infant feeding supplies doesn't stop once your baby can hold a bottle, sit up on its own, or even pick up morsels and pop them in its mouth: the baby nutrition fun keeps coming with baby cups and tableware. There are spoons and dishes for your infant's first solids, from strained carrots and pureed peas to runny oatmeal and yummy applesauce. The big one-year milestone brings sippers and straw cups to help introduce dairy milk and fruit juice. Toddlers will love toting snacks in a bowl or eating from a feeding tray with a starter fork in hand. We'll even supply you with coolers and ice packs to take your baby's meals to go.

      Support your baby at feeding time with a cozy nursing pillow, a convenient high chair or a comfy booster seat, depending on your little one's age. Nursing pillows let baby cuddle comfortably in your lap while breastfeeding or drinking a bottle. Babies starting solid foods can recline in an adjustable high chair until they're strong enough to sit, and older infants or toddlers will learn to feed themselves from a high chair tray or a booster seat at the dining table. The selection of high chairs and booster seats at Sears includes portable fold-up models plus convertible styles that adjust to accommodate your little one's growth.

      Your baby feeding supplies are nearly complete, with the exception of a few little extras, including bibs, burp cloths and an endless supply of baby wipes for all the dribbles and spills that happen. Sears also sells handy bottle accessories like scrub brushes, dishwashing racks, formula dispensers and carry bags. And if you can't serve a meal at the first sign of hunger, try a pacifier, teether or toy to temporarily comfort your little one. You'll find all these baby feeding accessories and more when you shop at Sears for your infant feeding needs.



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