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Keep your infant's clothing cleaner with baby bibs from Sears

Never ending drool, sour milk spit-ups and finger painting food come with the baby territory. There's no good reason for little messes like these to ruin your newborn's onesie or trash your toddler's party dress. The solution is a fresh supply of absorbent baby bibs and burp cloths so there's always a layer to catch splatters and spills. Whether you snap on a baby bib that matches your little one's outfit or grab the closest burp cloth for a speedy feeding, these infant essentials will minimize your tasks by keeping your baby's clothes cleaner, for longer. You'll find favorite brands in an assortment of popular prints and characters when you look for baby bibs at Sears.

Bibs belong at the top of your baby feeding checklist, along with bottles, nipples and other supplies. You'll need a stash of them at home for round-the-clock feedings, plus extras to take on the go. Whenever you need to nurse or bottle feed your infant, you'll have a fresh bib ready to cover your baby's spotless clothes. Most bibs are made of 100 percent cotton that won't irritate an infant's delicate skin, and many designs feature terry cloth fabric that quickly absorbs like a towel. Easy-to-reach shoulder closures are ideal for smaller babies, while back fasteners are designed to stay out of your little one's reach. Look for Velcro that safely releases under tension, or go with secure snaps for little fingers with finer motor skills.

Be diligent with your baby bibs, but carry burp cloths as a backup. Sears has cotton, flannel and terry burp cloths that are every bit as absorbent as the bibs your baby wears; only bigger and more versatile. If you forgot to bring your bib, tuck a burp cloth under your baby's chin during feeding and sling it over your shoulder when it's time for baby to burp. Teething babies, runny noses and sometimes even diaper leaks are excellent reasons to have burp cloths on hand for quick and easy cleanups. Breastfeeding can be messy, so cradle baby in one arm and wipe up with the other. Even bottles and baby cups aren't always as spill-proof as they seem, so keep a cloth ready for any type of surprise.

Spoon feeding your baby brings a whole new world of messes, as does introducing finger foods to your lineup of baby nutrition. You can't always prevent them from smearing strained carrots or flinging their tableware onto the floor, but you can protect their clothing with a baby bib and clean up quickly with a burp cloth. And don't forget to come prepared for baby's first birthday: That first cake and frosting is destined to end up in places you can't imagine. Not only should you arm yourself with baby bibs and burp cloths, you can choose one with a birthday design that commemorates your sweetie's important day.

Colorful animal graphics, beloved cartoon pals and trendy prints for boys and girls are among our selection of baby bibs and burp cloths. Pick up a multi-pack with coordinating designs, purchase a gift set for your next baby shower or simply stock up on these infant necessities, but shop at Sears to satisfy your baby feeding and cleanup needs.

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