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      Give your baby the very best with baby bottles from Sears

      Babies are all about specialized care, so how you feed them is equally as important as what you feed them. Modern baby bottles have taken a classic design and modified it to be more visually pleasing as well as ergonomically practical for little hands and mouths. Additional consideration is now given to making bottles lightweight, easy to clean, drip-free and safe from potentially harmful chemicals like BPA (Bisphenol-A). New innovations also include special valves at the base of the nipple which help prevent colic, and soft nubs on the surface to massage the baby's gums.

      Key to the success of a good baby bottle is the nipple. Technology has come a long way with this timeless design, making it better than ever with tweaks that can vary in formula delivery speed, prevent drips and stimulate a baby's gums to reduce aggravating colic. Today's feeding nipples are typically made of either latex or silicone, each with its own benefits. Latex nipples tend to be softer, but there's the chance your baby may be allergic to them. Silicone nipples are safer and offer a firmer texture that holds their shape better. Baby bottle nipples can also be disposable or washable. The size and flow speed of a nipple that you select will typically be based on the infant's size and age.

      There are a variety of fortified baby formulas to give your infant the nutrients it needs for healthy growth. Before you know it, your little tyke will be putting the formula bottle behind as their main food source and graduating to more solids. Sears is excited to offer a great selection of tasty baby foods that build upon the nutritional profile you've carefully established for your baby. However, there are toddlers that still prefer using their baby bottles until they're ready to make the transition to sippy cups, and Sears is there when they're ready.

      It truly is amazing how quickly the little ones grow. Fortified with vitamin enriched foods for strong bones, healthy skin and happy tummies, your kids will hopefully continue to develop good eating habits. Naturally, yummy rewards and baby nutrition snacks will also enter their diet and we're pleased to bring you the latest treats that will keep them on the right nutritional track for positive growth and physical development. Making healthy choices is important, so we offer a variety of healthy snacks for all young children's ages to supplement your little one's as they use their formula bottles.

      Whether your children are newborns or transitioning into toddlerhood, Sears is proud to be a part of the process. From baby bottles to baby formula, you can find the feeding necessities you need to promote their growth and development. Stop by Sears and discover the collection of baby formula bottles we have to promote healthy feeding your little one from the start.


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